PackWeb's philanthropyAt PackWeb we believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. So we decided to start a 'Charity of the Month' pledge where we donate a percentage of our profits to charities and non-profit organisations.

Each month we ask our Facebook followers to nominate a local charity or non-profit organisation, then we select one at random and make a donation to them. We post the status of our donations to Facebook, as well as who we're giving to and how much we're donating.

So far we've donated $0 to very worthy causes!

Here's the fine print:

  • The charity/organisation we donate to will be chosen at random (with a bit of discernment) from those suggested in the comments to our monthly 'Charity of the Month' Facebook post.
  • All charities/organisations mentioned by our followers will have an equal chance of being selected (i.e. mentioning the same charity/organisation multiple times will not increase their chance of being selected).
  • Charities/organisations must be local (located on the Coffs Coast) and need to have enough information provided for us to contact and donate to them.
  • Charities/organisations will not be selected more than once in a 12-month period (so we can share the love around).