Just as your house needs a block of land to sit on, so your website needs a server (a special computer) to be hosted from. This is known as 'website hosting', and we provide and manage this service for you. As a part of this service, we:

  • register, renew and administer your domain name and email addresses,
  • make sure your website is backed up daily,
  • keep the software that runs your website up-to-date with the latest security updates,
  • fix any bugs (problems) with your website,
  • and provide support for you via phone and email.

Our Hosting Packages

We have developed two website hosting packages that are affordable and which, by billing annually, reduce the number of invoices you'll receive for your website's ongoing costs. You can choose between:






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Domain name


Email hosting




Security updates


Bug fixes




New features (for free!)


To summarise the differences between the two hosting packages, clients on the Basic hosting package who want a new feature or functionality added to their website will be charged a separate fee (either an hourly rate or a fixed-price quote). Clients on the Premium hosting package who want a new feature or functionality won't be charged a separate fee, as it's already included. This means that Premium hosting clients can develop and grow their website over time without paying anything extra.

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